Our Story: Chapter 1

Hey there,

I had to take a moment to share the incredible journey we've been on with Inbellished, and it's nothing short of a dream unfolding. In just six weeks, our little community has blossomed in ways I could never have imagined. We hit the 1000 followers mark on Instagram, connected with over 130 amazing clients, and, can you believe it, we've got multiple 5-star reviews! The bracelet envy sparked by your stacks and charm selections—is like a whirlwind of joy, and I'm bursting with gratitude.

To all my fantastic followers—seriously, thank you! Your presence in the Inbellished community is more than just a number; it's a shared journey. Your enthusiasm and support fuel my passion for bringing the beauty of permanent jewellery to every last corner of Essex.

Being trusted by over 130 clients in such a short time has been nothing short of a privilege. Every booking isn't just a transaction; it's a shared moment of joy. Your trust in Inbellished to be a part of your special memories and to weld those eternal bonds and cherished relationships means the world to me. Seeing your reactions to your welded piece is just the best, "I love it" is definitely the most common phrase after the weld is complete.

I absolutely love seeing your creativity shine through with your chain and charm choices, making each piece uniquely yours. The variety of creations made so far is just proof of the individuality and versatility of welded jewellery.

Inbellished was always destined to break free from a specific location; it's a journey unfolding across Essex. I'm thrilled to spill the beans that we've already secured over 11 locations, with more in the pipeline. Each spot isn't just a place; it's an opportunity to spread joy and the trend of permanent jewellery throughout Essex.

And guess what? Our journey is just getting started. Exciting meetings are on the horizon, promising to bring the trend of permanent jewellery fully to every corner of Essex. I'm itching to expand our reach, connect with more of you, and keep creating lasting memories through our unique pieces.

Inbellished, for me, is not just about jewellery; it's about permanence, connection, and celebrating life's milestones. As I express my gratitude for the success so far, I'm getting all excited about what the future holds. Inbellished, to me, represents timeless beauty, sustainable style, enduring connections, and that touch of individuality we all crave.

And you know what hits me right in the feels? The significance of permanent jewellery in symbolising the eternal connections we have with our friends, family, and lovers—it's at the core of everything Inbellished stands for. Each piece crafted isn't just an accessory; it's a symbol of enduring relationships, a tangible reminder of the bonds that hold us together. With over 7 years experience in meaningful jewellery, this is just the perfect addition to my love of celebrating those we hold dear and the connections we make in life.

As I wrap this up, my heart is just overflowing with gratitude for each one of you who's made Inbellished's journey extraordinary. Whether you've been with us on Instagram, booked a piece of welded jewellery, or shared your thoughts in a review, you're not just a part of the story; you're the heart of it.

Here's to the next chapter, filled with more joy, more connections, and an abundance of welded beauty throughout Essex.

With all my heart,

Founder, Inbellished


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