What Is Permanent Jewellery?

Permanent jewellery, also known as welded jewellery, is designed to become a seamless and long-lasting adornment. Unlike traditional jewellery that can be removed, permanent jewellery is crafted to be affixed to your body, through expert welding techniques. It's intended to be worn continuously, offering a symbol of eternal connection, commitment, or personal significance.

Permanent jewellery can take various forms, such as welded bracelets, necklaces, anklets or even rings. These pieces are typically made from materials like sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or 9ct gold, ensuring both durability and aesthetics. They are often chosen to commemorate special moments, relationships, or as a unique and meaningful expression of personal style.

What Is A Permanent Bracelet?

A permanent bracelet, also known as a welded bracelet, is a distinctive and enduring piece of jewellery designed to be permanently affixed to your wrist. Unlike traditional bracelets that can be easily removed, a permanent bracelet is securely attached using expert welding techniques, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your everyday life.

These bracelets are often chosen for their symbolism, representing eternal bonds, commitments, or personal significance. They can be customised in various ways, from the choice of materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or 9ct gold, to the addition of charms or engravings, making each piece a unique and deeply meaningful expression of the wearer's style and story.

Where To Get Permanent Jewellery UK?

Looking for a permanent bracelet in the UK? Look no further than Imbellished, your premier destination for exquisite welded bracelets and meaningful jewellery. Imbellished has multiple locations across Essex, making it easy for you to find the perfect piece that reflects your style and story. Visit our pop up stores in Leigh-on-Sea, Rayleigh & Thorpe Bay, and discover the timeless beauty of our jewellery that's designed to last a lifetime.

How To Care For Welded Bracelets?

To care for Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold welded bracelets, regularly clean them with a soft cloth, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, inspect for damage, handle gently, and seek professional maintenance when needed. This ensures their lasting beauty and integrity. 

For 14k Gold Fill, stay clear of direct contact with perfumes, lotions and aerosols whenever possible. Over time, the gold layer bonding to the brass may start to diminish, but by avoiding these products, you can extend the lifespan of your jewellery.

How Long Will My Welded Bracelet Last?

The lifespan of your welded bracelet or jewellery piece can vary depending on several factors, including your lifestyle, occupation, and external influences. Many have been wearing their permanent pieces for numerous years, and these pieces remain in excellent condition. However, it's important to note that the longevity of your unique piece is not guaranteed.

External factors, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, or physical stress, can impact the bracelet's durability. If your permanent bracelet ever breaks or stretches, please know that we are committed to providing the best possible service. We will do our utmost to repair it, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your cherished piece for years to come.

What If My Permanent Jewellery Breaks?

If your permanent jewellery ever breaks, don't worry; our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures your satisfaction. Before leaving your appointment, our metalsmiths meticulously inspect your jewellery, employing a comprehensive 4-point inspection process to guarantee a proper weld.

In the rare event that your jewellery does break, please save the chain as it can likely be repaired. We offer free jewellery repairs within the first 48 hours after your appointment, and there's no need to schedule an appointment for this service. However, after the initial 48 hours, we can still provide you with a rewelding service for a nominal fee of £10.

Please note that we cannot replace or offer refunds or discounts on lost chains, so taking care of your jewellery and promptly addressing any issues is crucial to ensuring its lasting beauty and significance. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your piece are of utmost importance to us.

What If I Have To Remove My Permanent Bracelet?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to remove your permanent bracelet, we understand that certain medical procedures may require this. To do so, you can carefully cut your bracelet at the jump ring using clippers or even kitchen scissors.

After your medical procedure is complete and you're ready to reattach your bracelet, there's no need to make an appointment. Simply visit our studio, and our team will be ready to assist you promptly. We can expertly weld your bracelet back together, ensuring it regains its place as a cherished part of your life. Your convenience and the continued enjoyment of your jewellery are our top priorities.

Will I Have To Removed My Permanent Jewellery At The Airport?

Your new adornment is crafted with a delicate design that does not trigger the metal detectors at the airport. Many of our customers wear these pieces when traveling without encountering any issues with metal detectors.

Can Children Have A Welded Bracelet?

With parental consent and under parental accompaniment, we are happy to offer our welding services to individuals aged 3 years and older. For those under 14 years of age, an adult must accompany them during the process.

It's important to note that once the jewellery is on the young person's body, they are responsible for its care. It's a choice that should take into account their lifestyle, participation in sports, growth stages, age, and other external factors that might affect its durability.

While our pieces are built to be durable, it's essential to remember that they are not indestructible and may require occasional maintenance.

Can I Book A Private Permanent Jewellery Party?

Yes, you can absolutely book a private permanent jewellery party with us! We offer the flexibility to host private events at your chosen location, or you can reserve a private event at one of our locations for your convenience. Simply message us for a quote.

Do You Pop Up At Local Businesses?

Yes, we certainly do and we are proud to cover multiple locations across Essex! You can book our pop-up services through our booking page. If you're interested in having us at your premises, please feel free to reach out to us via email at hello@inbellished.com, and we can discuss the options available.